Humility is a good thing

Do you know the definition of humility?  I ask because it’s a word that I don’t hear used much any more.  Humility refers to having a low or modest sense of one’s own worth or value.  It’s sort of the opposite of pride.

Humility is a good thing.

A friend of mine once told me that a representative from HR (in the company that he and I worked for at the time) had given a talk in the branch office one day and made a point of telling those at the meeting that the company was looking to promote people who were good, who knew they were good, and who didn’t mind telling other people they were good.

We were both surprised by that.  And unsettled.  It’s easy to tell people how good you are – even when you aren’t.  It feels like bragging.  That’s not something either of us was comfortable with.

What a strange criterion.

On the other hand, neither of us got the promotions we wanted.

But, as I say, humility is a good thing and an occasional humbling experience is good for you.  It keeps you grounded.  I had a humbling experience just this week.  It was timely indeed!  I’m thankful.

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